what are the best kitchen cabinets in 2018?

After years of trial and error and hands-on research, we’ve settled on five criteria that are the most important to consider when choosing the best cabinets for your kitchen remodel project:

Exceptionally beautiful designs
Impeccable workmanship
Highest grade materials
Product lines for every price point and budget
Outstanding “green” environmental stewardship

What Are The Best Kitchen Cabinets in 2018?

In our search for the perfect cabinet, we have found that Canyon Creek Cabinets offer the most inspiring designs and the best values for the best prices in the industry, while meeting all of our standard criteria. In fact, we like them for a lot of reasons.

Here are our top cabinet choices for 2018:


Cornerstone – European-Styled Framed Cabinets

If you want to see some gorgeous woods and finishes in the traditional framed design, check out Canyon Creek’s Cornerstone Collection. There are photos on our website, but pictures don’t really do the cabinets justice: you have to see them and touch them in person.  Canyon Creek’s wood selection is truly spectacular. Maybe it’s because they’re headquartered in the Pacific Northwest, in Monroe, Washington.

Millennia – Frameless Cabinets

If you prefer the more modern unframed style, take a look at their Millennia line. Not only do they look fantastic, they maximize your storage space. Millennia cabinets can be ordered in glossy or matte finishes in wood or metal, depending on your style.  Speaking of finishes, Canyon Creek is consistently recognized for keeping the emissions from their lacquering/finishing process extremely low in VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds). Nearly every bit of their wood waste is chipped and converted into fuel. The larger, still usable scraps are donated to local nonprofits and charities. We feel good about being in business with a company with those values.

Katana – High Quality Cabinets at a Lower Price Point

Canyon Creek’s Katana line offers frameless design for the homeowner with relatively simple taste and no need for custom options. They call it their economy/value line but trust us: these cabinets look and work better than most companies’ flagship products.  Quality workmanship is one of those things that can be hard to spot unless there’s a problem. Fit and finish matter! No one wants sharp edges, protruding hardware, alignment problems, or forced fit. Canyon Creek Cabinets consistently deliver seamless performance exactly as ordered. It’s all in the details, and their details are great.

So that our pick for this year’s finest cabinet collection. We recommend that you don’t order any cabinets unless you’ve taken a serious look at Canyon Creek Cabinets.

Happy remodeling!

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