Let’s Talk Tile – 2018

Tile is really too big a topic to cover in a single post.  Consider this: in AD 79, Mount Vesuvius erupted and buried the city of Pompeii.  What features of Pompeii’s buildings survive best to this day?  Tile!  Mosaics, flooring…Tile survived.  Talk about durable!

We’ll just cover a few basic styles in today’s post, then continue next time with more information.  Since it’s a prevalent style in our area, let’s talk Southwestern Tile.  Talavera Tile is a beloved cultural import from Mexico that we’ve all seen and cherished for its warm earthy colors and folkloric design.   It’s usually seen in red/pink/brown terracotta tones, but decorative options can be hand painted and glazed in a rainbow of colors.  Plain large tiles are great for flooring and medium-sized ceramic lookalikes work great for kitchen counters and backsplashes.  If your home has any southwestern elements – a tile roof, whitewashed walls, arches, whitewashed adobe, even mission-style furnishings, consider taking that look further with this lovely, durable material.  Check our website to learn how Latin Accents has taken some of the guesswork out of shopping for Talavera Tile.

Modern architecture and design leans heavily on tile as a design element.  If you love clean lines and strong polished surfaces, there are dozens of tile designs that will augment your look.  One of our favorites is Digital Art Tile, a geometric shape-and-shade driven tile that really makes a statement in an entryway, dining area, or kitchen.  You can see it here on our website – it’s a true attention-getter and conversation-starter. Glazed Brick Tile has a great clean look (we love it in white), and you can custom grout it to subtly blend with your décor. Other tiles mimic stone materials, so if your kitchen has granite or quartz countertops, consider Fusion Tile to carry that look even further.

Because it’s been around so long (remember Pompeii!), Retro Tile is a large category in itself.  If your space has any industrial elements or feel, Classic Subway Tile, with its long rectangular pieces and contrasting design accents might work well for you.  Usually thought of as white, today’s subway tile comes in a rainbow of colors.  Just for fun, check out Midcentury Modern Tile, for retro looks and patterned tiles that just might remind you of the home you grew up in!

Face it – tile is a BIG subject, with a lot to look at and talk about.  Start snapping pics of any tile design that catches your eye or your fancy, then bring them into our showroom and let us help you figure out how they can work for you.

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